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Zen and the American Jamm Method Oct. 5th, 2004 @ 09:01 pm
Welcome to The Zen Music Community

Please read our user Info as it will save much time and Limit misunderstandings.

This Community (Zen Music) is Monitored by OXOjamm Jamm Masters and Musicians who are proficient in the American Jamm Method and who have over 40 Hit songs and 11 CD's, several which have gone Platinum, all without the benefit of a record label. If you truly wish to learn Zen and the ART of Music Production, you have come to the right place.

Once upon a time in the great city of New Orleans there was a Boy Named Masters Johnson.Vince Masters Grandfather had been a slave on a southern plantation Owned by the Johnson Family and played the cello in the court quintet. Because he was intelligent, strong and had strong motor skills he was selected to be the Father of many offspring. His Nick Name "Mass-ahs Johnson" became his actual name, "Masters Johnson. One day when the "Mass-ah" asked for volunteers to go fight the Yankees, He went with the other men, wore confederate grey,Vince
fought along side white soldiers and killed many a Yankee for the honor and glory of the Confederacy. ( As a result of this, his descendants love the Confederate flag and say they have as much right to it as as anyone.) Vince

After returning, the white soldiers told many people that he was their "Good Luck Charm" and that as long as he was with them none of the men had been killed. Masters the 1st, (As he is now called) always said, "Couldn't no Yankee bullet touch me...Cause I had the Jamm". What he meant by that is what we will explore here in this Community.

In teaching Masters Father, (Masters the 2nd as he is now called) it was reveled that his Family, was part Native American and Part African tribesman. That in the "memory belt" of his tribe it is said that they were the descendents of the Native American Jamm Master, Kokopelli. Vince(Who apparently because of his traveling Mission,((Like Johnny Apple-Seed)) had many descendents far and wide.)

Kokopelli it is known, changed Native American Music forever. He taught them how to go from a very structured system to one in which anyone could participate. His belief was that there was a song in everyone and that Music was a gift from the, "Great Spirit".

Masters the 2nd, learned how to play the cello, percussion, complicated Concertina like instruments and many others. He was featured in many great shows of the day and started his own Musical Conservatory.

Masters the 3rd, (We never call him that...he hates it) grew up in New Orleans not far from where many of our LJ friends and associates live now. Having a Jamm Master for a Father he was a shoe-in for many early Jazz and Blues bands who needed a man who could "front it up".

But as a young boy, he paid his dues sweepin up around what is now: Preservation Hall. Pickin up, (as he says) "A piece here and a piece there...what ever would fit..an if it didn't fit...Forget it."

He learned to play every known instrument. I have seen him handed an instrument that has just been invented and he would take it and figure it out in just a few Minutes, playing it better than the inventor. He has Numerous musical Accolades and has a Doctorate in Musicology. He is the one who "Found Me Out" (See user info) when I was a boy, and who taught me what is known today as, "The American Jamm Method."

This method is based on the concept that what ever comes from within you is already perfect. That you have within you the skills and abilities to play any instrument and that the accepted or "Traditional" way of playing it may not be the best way, for you.

We use the Book, "The Tao of Jeet Kune Do", by Bruce Lee, as our manual for those who want to see these principals in print. All you have to do is substitute the word, "Music" for "Martial Art". The Focus of which entails the application of these principals in actual Jamming. Things you read in books are only part of it. But not everyone can pay their dues on the streets of New Orleans like Masters did. It is Possible however, to re-create the conditions as close as possible and go on from there. Masters Himself will tell you, "It ain't Nothin,....I was jus poor.....You can learn jus the same as me, New Orleans or some other place."

The AJM (American Jamm Method) is about taking what is useful and going from there. You believe that whatever comes from inside you is "perfect" and at the same time I and the others believe that what ever comes from inside YOU is "perfect" and we just play....... we don't discuss anything...we dont tell each other what to do, or not do.

It dosen't matter what comes out. We Record, Remix and Master under the same principal and then Publish. Once this sinks in..(that there is nothing you can do that will give a negative response), you then find that you Jamm easier and easier..finally effortlessly...in the end, it just becomes your life, running over into every other aspect of your life.

If you like you can leave Comments or Questions.
However: If you would like to join this community please post your interpretation to this story:

Once in a High School music class there arrived a Boy from another State. The Teacher asked him to stand up and tell the class a little about himself and so he said,"I'm not from around here...I'm new and I play the Jaw-Harp."Vince( The teacher said to him...oh...is there any other instrument you play?.."No sir". he answered. "Well then", the teacher said,I don't think well have much call for the Jaw-Harp here but Ill see what I can do.

In the Months that followed the new Boy took rank with many others that the teacher thought "didn't fit in". He was never called upon, never asked to play, as it was with several others.The static monotony that became this class hung in the air like thick fog and the only playing he and the other outcasts did was after school and on weekends.

One day in the spring, a man came to the Music Teacher and asked if he had any promising students for a band he was going to lead. The teacher was excited...and there in the band room he had his prize students perform one after the other, each one playing note for note the music that was put before them.The new boy made motions in his seat along with them as if he were enjoying it too." The band leader, (who was also doing this) noticed him and they kept Rhythm together appearing to enjoy themselves, clapping after each one.

Then the teacher said "that's it..that's all I have". And the man said, No there must be some mistake, I see that boy and that girl and some of the others were not called upon." And with that pointed to the new boy, and said, "You...you there let me hear you play."

The teacher relented, and as the Boy took the Jaw-Harp from his pocket, he glanced to the other exiles and began to play... One then the other feet started to tap...hands began to clap...other exiles joined in....until all of the children were playing together and had the whole room smiling and clapping.

That is, everyone except the teacher.

"Hold it...Hold it...Woah, Woah, Woah....What do you call that????!!!! I never taught that here!!!"

And the Band Leader said, "Yes we Know all about it..."

"You never taught any-one here. You used this class as an instrument for your personal gratification and set aside anyone who didnt fit your personal perception of musicality."

"You cast them aside as stones that were not pleasing to your eye. In a moment I have transformed them into Key-Stones and yet you still cannot see it. You did not know the method your self and you tried to close the door on those who might have learned the method without you."

The So-Called, "Teacher", hung his head in shame as the Director continued,

"I am the new Program Director and I will be Mentoring these students from now on. ....And you young man,(Pointing to the New boy) starting tomorrow, I'm going to show you how easy and fun it can be to play the Violin, that is..if you think you might be interested..."Smokin Hot

In your own words, Tell us from you heart what you have gotten out of this story.

Yours very truly;

Link to Music Made by OXOjamm using the American Jamm Method: https://archive.org/download/iuma-oxojamm/OXOjamm_-_DJ_Girl.mp3
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